Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shameless Plug: Checkout NewsQB.com

Visit http://www.newsqb.com if you get a moment.

This is a new football news and fan networking site that some of us here at Rokland are involved in. We have been working on some software initiatives and this is one of them. It is powered by Pligg, and is a fun site for any football fan.

The site is currently in open beta. As you know we love sites like Digg, and I know there are some out there that think the voting system used in Digg should not be duplicated on other sites ("COPYCATS!!!"), but I disagree. I think the "Digg" style of content rated by users is a step forward in content management and distribution, similar to the way blogs took online journals to a new level. I read a lot of sports news sites and found that even though they were very informative, I missed a lot of stuff from a lot of good publications around the country and the world.

The idea behind NewsQB.com is to bring content diversification (sorry for the buzzword but it fit perfectly, lol) to football fans and also let them choose what should be displayed at the top of category pages and on the home page by way of voting for their favorite articles.

There is a section for NFL, college division I, division II, high school, and also a separate section for video which is my favorite. But what I like most about the site thus far is how we have incorporated the aspects of a cooperative blog into it. This means that you aren't limited to submitting content from other web sites. You can also write your own articles or editorials and post them where others can vote on them. The discussion area that each submission has, along with the ability to add friends and view their submissions via RSS feed gives the site more of a community aspect than a typical sports news web site.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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