Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attention Windstream customers...

In April of 2008 Windstream Corporation began distributing 2wire brand home networking devices to consumers of their broadband delivery services. 2wire is one of the most trusted names in networking today but the name is not as known as some other brands since they generally do not distribute their products through big box retailers.

Rokland has inventoried 2wire products for several years and our customers have reported the products to be as reliable (if not more so) as better known and more expensive brands.

If you have Windstream service and need to replace a wireless device on your home network, look no further than our 2wire product page. 2wire wireless products also work with any 802.11g standard wireless network, you do not need to be a Windstream customer in order to buy.

We currently offer both 2wire 802.11g wireless PCMCIA cards (for laptops) and PCI cards (for desktops), and will shortly have the USB model online in the same section. If we can assist you in your 2wire purchasing needs, please do not hesitate to contact us!