Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Review of Yahoo Mash Beta

I had a chance to check out Yahoo Mash beta (if you want your own beta account, check our previous post for instructions on how to receive an invite) and it is a pretty cool service. It is extremely easy to setup, I really see the interface as possibly leading the way of future web design. That may be a bit much of course, but I do like how easy it is to update your page (and your friends' pages if they allow for friends to make updates on them).

That said, I am not sure how well this project from Yahoo will do. I am not a hardcore social networking site user and really have not gotten into all the MySpace, Facebook, etc. hoopla. Not because I don't think they aren't cool or aren't worth the time, but I myself just have not really had the time to spend updating my profiles and staying "social". So I may not be the best judge of the service. I did notice that many of the folks who requested beta invitations from us have really gotten into the service, adding pictures and graphics, articles from their blogs, and more. So people do seem to want to use Mash. I will most likely be observing from the sidelines as I don't plan to get into it too heavily. Will be interesting to watch though.

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