Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Product

Sorry for the lull, we've been busy getting new inventory in for the holiday season. One product we just got is a high powered USB adapter from Alfa. This is a really cool item, especially for those looking to get a longer range on their desktop, or those with laptops that don't have a PCMCIA slot.


It is model AWUS036H and features 500mw of output power. I've seen it on other web sites in the $69.99-$79.99 range so I think we have a pretty competitive price for you guys right now. It has an SMA jack and comes with a 2 dBi antenna in the box. Later this week we'll have some 9 dBi RP-SMA antennas you can hook up to these which will really give them fantastic range.

Throughout the rest of this month and November as well we will be attempting to get back to doing some product reviews here on our blog, and also will try and provide additional information, such as use in Linux and things of that nature.

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