Monday, September 17, 2007

Want a Yahoo Mash Beta Invitation?

Update 3:15 PM 9/17: You need to have a Yahoo account in order to claim the beta invitation we will send you. If you don't have one you will need to create one at Yahoo.

Our Yahoo Mash beta account gives us the ability to invite other people to the service. I saw some other folks on Digg offering free invitations to the service so thought I would share the wealth. If you would like one, we just need your name and email address. You can post in the comments section, but if you post your email make sure to use userATserviceDOTcom to avoid those web spam crawlers. Also, if you post your email I should note our comments section will be visible by others. If you don't want to post it, just send us an email to salesATroklandDOTcom (note rokland is spelled without a C) and make your subject line Yahoo Mash Request and put your first name in the message body and we will send you an invitation. We don't mind doing this for people until we get tired of doing it, or unless Yahoo tells beta users to stop open invitations.

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