Thursday, November 15, 2007

Try our Alfa 500mW USB Adapter with an 8 dBi gain antenna

In late October I mentioned a new addition to our product line, the high-powered Alfa 500mW USB adapter with SMA connector, model AWUS036H. They come with a 2 dBi gain antenna in the box, but we now also carry both 8 dBi and 9 dBI gain rubber duck antennas on our website.

Personally I like the 8 dBi a little better because it is smaller and lighter than the 9 dBI antenna yet still gets a nearly comparable range (the 9 dBi is somewhat better overall- it really depends on if you need the most range or want something a little bit more portable). In any event, here is a comparison of this Alfa adapter with an 8 dBi gain antenna connected compared to an internal Centrino wireless card in an IBM laptop. As you can see, it is really no comparison at all, the Alfa setup gets nearly 3x the signals, and this is in an area where the buildings are pretty spaced out.

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