Monday, August 13, 2007

A New Look and a Digg Widget

We have changed up the look of our blog, for no other reason than we felt like it. After a while, the look of web sites becomes a little stale, so mixing it up every now and then, in our opinion, is a good thing to do. We chose a design somewhat similar to our last one so that the feel of the site remains the same.

The major change is, as you can see, the addition of a widget over on the righthand side. For those of you not familiar with Digg, it is a very cool news and social bookmarking web site where users provide the content and also collectively determine editorial placement. Each user can "digg" an article, and the more diggs an article has, the higher it appears on the web site's category pages. We are not affiliated with in any way, nor are we receiving any payment for the placement of the widget or our writing about the site. We just think it is a really fun and exciting service- some of us have been using Digg since it launched several years ago.

The Digg widget allows us to show you which stories we have dugg. It is basically an RSS feed of the stories dugg by Rokland worker bees, and generally contains stories related to technology that we believe are worthwhile reads. The widget is updated instantaneously with new stories the moment we digg them. So check back every day- even if we don't have a new blog post for the day, there should at least be some cool new stuff for you to check out in the Digg widget.

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