Tuesday, August 28, 2007

About the Digg Box

Though we introduced it in a blog post last week, we have received some emails asking about the Digg.com "advertisement" on the right side of our blog, as it contained some stories not related to technology.

That box is in fact not an advertisement, but an RSS feed widget which displays all stories that our employees have "dugg" under the username rokland. Digg is a news and social bookmarking web site which allows editorial placement of articles to be determined by users. You go to the site and browse the content, and if you see something you like, you "digg" it, which means you vote for it. You can also submit new articles and web sites you find interesting so that others can digg them. One of my favorite things about Digg is that you get a wider array of articles and stories vs. a traditional news web site. As such, we have decided to place this Digg box on our blog so that you can view the articles we found interesting. While we mostly digg technology stuff, occasionally you may see a funny or different article about something unrelated. While this is our company blog, it is by no means a stuffy corporate controlled atmosphere. We like to have fun and Digg is a fun web site. This widget is our way of sharing that with you.

The widget shows the ten most recent posts we have dugg. To see all posts dugg by us, go to http://www.digg.com/users/rokland

**note: we do not receive payment or any type of compensation from Digg or anyone else for including this widget or writing about the service here. Though Digg.com is more than welcome to send us money if they feel so inclined :)

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