Friday, August 24, 2007

Apple iPhone Finally Unlocked

It took more than a month, but according to the Associated Press, the first reported case of "unlocking the iPhone" has taken place. The AP reports that George Hotz, a 17-year old New Jersey kid has broken the software lock on the phone that prevents it from being used with any other carrier than AT&T (Hotz is reported to be using it with T-Mobile). It won't be long now until eBay is full of unlocked models (at a premium) so that folks who do not have AT&T service (and people living outside of the US) can get a working iPhone.

The unlocking of a locked phone is nothing new- virtually every phone on the market has been unlocked. There really never was a question as to whether or not the iPhone could be unlocked, the only question was how long it would take. As the iPhone launch came in June, I am a little surprised it took until August for the first report to surface. But that's not a knock on the folks who tried- it takes me more than two months to learn how to use most phones, let alone figure out something as advanced and sophisticated as unlocking one!

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