Sunday, October 12, 2008

See our improved Product Review section

This weekend we completed some revisions to our Product Review section which customer feedback indicated was a bit tough to follow before.

Now from the main web page you can click the Product Reviews link over on the left hand navigation menu (at the bottom) to see all product reviews left for items bought through our web site. Anytime you a viewing an actual product page, down at the bottom on the same line as the Add to Cart button is a Review button so you can see if there are any reviews. Clicking on it will show reviews for that product (if there are reviews for it) and will display a link to write a review if you would like to write one. If there are no reviews for that item, there will also be a link to go directly to the main Product Review page.

We think these improvements will allow customers and potential customers to read and write reviews for products more seamlessly than in the past. We also want to encourage those who have bought a product to come back to our web site and write a review about it once they have received it!

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