Saturday, January 29, 2011

Important notice about genuine Alfa AWUS036H casing

At the request of Alfa Networks, we are posting an important message about the casing of genuine Alfa products. Recently Alfa Networks became aware of a counterfeit version of their product that looks like this, with a “10G” logo on it. This is not a genuine Alfa product.


Genuine Alfa products have a different shape casing, and also have a “1” logo on the top. But even the original Alfa cases can be counterfeited, so here are some other ways to ensure you are getting a genuine Alfa Networks product:

1. Look for the anti-counterfeit hologram detailed in this video here:

2. Purchase your Alfa Networks products from an authorized Alfa Networks retailer such as Our authorized reseller status can be confirmed by contacting Alfa Networks directly. You can also contact Alfa Networks directly to confirm the authenticity of any other vendor.

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CD Replication said...

Thanks for posting, i am sure now it will be easy for us to choose the right one casing for us, thanks for your work.