Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday specials at world’s smallest* 802.11n Wi-Fi USB adapter for $9.97 + get your FREE solar powered car!

Okay, so it’s not a $400 46” flat screen TV or a $49 Blue-Ray player. But we can guarantee it is something you won’t find at most big box stores this weekend. With every purchase above $10.00 at on Black Friday you get one of these:


If you thought it was going to be a Prius, you must have mistaken us for Oprah. We don’t have the resources to give away full size cars, but these are pretty cool nonetheless. They run entirely on power from the sun and make a neat (but fun) learning toy for any children you may know. But you don’t have to be a child to find this interesting. It requires no winding and no batteries. Set it on the ground and off it goes. For details about this offer, click here.

We do have a limited supply, but not that limited. If for some reason we run out, we will state this at the top of our web site when it happens on Friday. Rain checks won’t be available.

So then if we’re not giving away a full-sized car, why have a Black Friday special on a full-sized Wi-Fi adapter? This Friday you can get the world’s smallest* 802.11n Wi-Fi USB adapter dongle for just $9.97. If you have a computer that is not yet wireless, this may be the best deal of the season, not to mention one of the coolest Wi-Fi products of the season! If it were any thinner, they couldn’t even fit an LED light on it.


*We cannot confirm to a legal certainty it is the world’s smallest WiFi adapter, but it’s pretty small!


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