Monday, July 05, 2010

New Product: Alfa 7 dBi directional panel antenna with RP-SMA connector


When it comes to wireless networking products, Alfa Networks is a name synonymous with quality. Their AWUS036H 1000mw USB adapter is the most sought after wireless receiver for computer users with long range needs.

This month we are excited to announce Alfa has introduced a new Wi-Fi antenna to their line of quality products. The Alfa 7 dBi directional panel antenna has an RP-SMA connector and will work with the AWUS036H as well as all other Wi-Fi adapters made by Alfa that have an RP-SMA antenna connector.



Unlike an omni-directional antenna, directional antennas concentrate gain in a particular direction, giving you better range and signal to a particular network, and allowing for better penetration of obstacles. Depending on your needs, you may be better off with one or the other. The product page for this antenna has more details on which type may be best for you. We also encourage you to contact us directly for individually-tuned recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Does this work better than the 9dbi one from Alfa in most places sense it is directional?

Anonymous said...

This works better than the 9dbi one if you are (as I am) in a shed outside your house and want to pull in signal from from your wifi router in the house.

Jones Morris said...

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