Friday, July 31, 2009

The n3 from Rokland: "most powerful wifi adapter I've ever seen"

That's what one of our customers had to say about the n3, our 802.11n wireless USB adapter for Macs, PCs, and Netbooks.

The reason we mention this is because several people have asked us where they can find independent reviews of the n3. While you may find some forum reviews by doing an Internet search, as the product was just released in July, they might still be few and far between. We did put the product up on eBay when it launched for maximum exposure, and have had many positive comments come in.

Below we have listed some of these comments. Please note that we have removed the user ID of each commenter, however you can verify the comments are genuine by viewing our eBay feedback profile at (our user ID is rokland). If you go to the time and date of each comment shown, you will be able to verify it is genuine.

most powerful wifi adapter I've ever seen! a+++customer service. thanks so much!
Jul-14-09 05:29

Amazing! All my friends want one!
Jul-13-09 09:15

works well, connects to networks I couldn't get before
Jul-11-09 16:48

fantastic product, thanks! A+++!!!
Jul-12-09 20:33

WORKS GREAT !!!! GOT IT FAST !!!! A # 1 DEAL !!!! :) THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul-30-09 17:18

Great increase in range. Item as described and arrived as indicated. Top seller.
Jul-26-09 02:59

Great product and great seller!! Thanks!
Jul-25-09 12:32

shipped quickly, no hassles, item as described, what more do you want. A+
Jul-22-09 07:33

Super Fast Shipping & Great Product! A+++
Jul-16-09 22:04

These are just a few of many, and we are excited that they have found the item to be just as great as we did in our testing. If you have any questions about the n3, please contact us.


Anonymous said...

i cant wait until the version 2 of the AWUS050NH comes out (by the way any new info on it on Alfa's behalf?)to see how it compares with the N3.
You guys from Rokland do such a terrific work. I have referred SEVERAL of my clients to buy products from your store.

Rokland LLC said...

Thanks for your comments, we appreciate that. The latest info from Alfa is that the AWUS050NH version 2 will be ready in early August. We will have it available as soon as Alfa launches it. If everything goes as their own comparison tests between version 1 and version 2 go, we would expect the AWUS050NH to compare closely with the n3. What we want to do as soon as we get it is do some distance tests with some 802.11n routers using both the AWUS050NH and the n3. Because general comparison tests really only show off G performance since most routers out there are still 802.11g standard.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting on my N3 to get here tomaroh. and i already know by the looks, reviews, and just the over-all way the company has
1. sent my product on time, and

2. has posted videos showing the diff in the alfa Vs N3 and NOT declaring anything extraordinary
with their product that this one will be a sure win!.

espeshaly since im upgrading from a linksys WUSBG v.4

*for the record the linksys is utter crap*

I do however wish I could
get some info on exactaly how fare the N3 can pick up,
but im sure it will be able to get the 100-200 feet i need, AND
that its the best on the market today. is if this doesnt cut the cake nothing will.

btw thx rokland for the great reviews and great looking product,
i never even heard of rokland b4
and i already know its a busyness
I can trust. I will try to post a update on the n3 when i get it,
however if i dont it just means
im having fun on my new long range,
high speed wireless usb adaptor.

(ive also heard the interface is better then the alfa)

Anonymous said...

bummer... i cannot make a wireless mode 5ghz. the ap is a netgear dualband WNDR3700 with both G and N active and broadcaxsting... RaUI isnt letting me change the settings to 5ghz so it scans on that frequency.

what am I doing wrong.. HELP!!!