Saturday, January 31, 2009

Low cost 802.11n WiFi has arrived!

By now you've probably heard about 802.11n, the next standard in wireless networking technology. With transfer speeds and range up to six times better than the current standard (802.11g), 802.11n is a must for web users into media sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon's Video on Demand service.

Most likely the one thing keeping you from upgrading is price- not only do you have to buy an 802.11n capable wireless router and an 802.11n adapter for your PC, but you have to buy an 802.11n adapter for all computers that connect to your network, because the way the 802.11n standard works if there is one computer connected to your network with an old 802.11g adapter, that means all computers on the network are limited to 802.11g connectivity. Yeesh, that means you have to buy one adapter for your daughter's laptop, one for your husband's PC downstairs, and another for the desktop in your office! Sounds expensive- and time consuming to figure out what different adapters you need.

The good news is we have been working hard to come up with a solution for you, and we have done just that. For about the price of one 802.11n adapter in a retail store, you can buy three of our discounted 802.11n wireless USB adapters. And because they work on any PC (running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista) that has an available USB port, you can get one of these for each computer you have- no need to worry about buying a different type of adapter based on whether the computer is a laptop or desktop.

Mac user? No problem- while this particular adapter discussed above is not Mac compatible, we do have Mac compatible 802.11n USB adapters at low prices too.

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