Sunday, December 07, 2008

There is no possible way for RokMan to resist the Weather Dominator! Or is there?

Introducing RokMan, the super-awesome WiFi adapter for Linux. When he's not out riding waves or fighting crime, RokMan enjoys being connected to your computer so he can get bring wireless access to you. RokMan is a product of years of genetic engineering. He comes with a USB connector that allows him to be hooked up to any laptop or desktop computer with an available USB port. While he works with Windows and Mac operating systems (see full specs for specific version compatibility below), RokMan's greatest attribute is that he works great in Linux, in fact he is plug and play in BackTrack 3. RokMan is an 802.11g standard wireless adapter with top connection speeds of 54 megabits per second (mbps).

This adapter is plug and play in BackTrack 3. We have tested it as compatible and we have also confirmed it works with many of the programs in BT3, such as SPoonWep, Airsnort, and WiCrawl. Click here to go to the item page on our web site.


Legal Disclaimer: The RokMan shown in the picture above is a human manifestation of the actual product you will receive. The actual product you will receive (see images on item page) will look just like RokMan but without any human or cartoon features, including but not limited to hair, ears, eyes, arms, hands, feet, a nose, or a mouth. While you can share your innermost thoughts and secrets with RokMan, it is unlikely he will share back. RokMan can do a lot of things (he has been known to moonlight as a DJ), but most likely he will only function as a wireless adapter for you when you are awake. Oh, and just for those who haven't picked up on it, this purchase is for a wireless adapter for a computer and not a plush toy. Also, if you accidentally swallow RokMan please contact emergency medical service immediately. The movie rights to RokMan are still for sale, please contact us with offers. Inquiries from Dreamworks will move to the top of the list.

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