Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can Jerry Seinfeld save Windows Vista?

If you've given Windows Vista a try, you may be one of the many who has already gone back to using Windows XP. Or perhaps you have decided to give a Macintosh or Linux system a try. The folks at Microsoft are well aware of the problems presented by Vista, and it appears instead of trying to fix the operating system, they are going to launch a massive PR campaign starring Jerry Seinfeld to convince people that Vista is good, not bad. Here are more details from the Wall Street Journal via

So the question is, if Jerry Seinfeld turns out to be funnier than John Hodgman and Justin Long (the two guys in the "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" ads for Apple on television right now), will you:

A) Give Vista another try (or a first try if you haven't used it yet)
B) Stay with the operating system you have, no matter what comedian is doing the pitching
C) try and watch the ads on YouTube to see if they are funny because you'll never see them on TV thanks to your TiVo, but you still don't think the ads will affect you
D) possibly upgrade to Vista, but only if Microsoft launches a campaign where Paula Poundstone tells you to

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