Wednesday, May 16, 2007

802.11n Draft Coming This Summer

Sorry folks, it's not a new beer, but it is pretty exciting. The newest wireless standard, 802.11n, is coming. 802.11n draft products are expected to hit store shelves this summer. Though 802.11n will not become a ratified standard until 2009, 802.11n draft products will be a big step up from the current 802.11 "pre-N" products you can currently buy in stores. Though the technology of each is based on the 802.11n standard, which supposedly provides speeds up to five times greater than 802.11g WiFi products (and does a better job rangewise as well), 802.11n draft products will work with other brand 802.11n draft products, and will also work seamlessly with older WIFI gear. Currently, most pre-N equipment does not play nice with other brands, and is not necessarily backward compatible with WiFi stuff you already have. Once the products hit the shelves, you can of course find them here at Rokland.

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