Tuesday, March 27, 2007

RokEdit Text Editor from Rokland.com

This is by no means groundbreaking, but we uploaded to our server today a simple program we created in-house to assist us with tasks related to photograph and spreadsheet editing. It is called RokEdit and it is a simple text editor that was designed with two purposes in mind. If you have ever tried to copy text from, say, a web site into a spreadsheet or photo editing program, you may notice that today's technology makes it so the text maintains the size, font, and color that it had on the web page. This can be convenient, but it can also make adding data to pre-existing text formats somewhat difficult. There are ways to change the text inside the destination applications, but this causes disruptions when you actually want to keep the formatting.

RokEdit was designed to allow the user to copy and paste text from any web site or program and have the formatting automatically removed so it is just plain text. While the Windows notepad acts similar, we beleive RokEdit is better because it also has automatic word wrapping, and includes an email button. With just one click, the text you have in your document will automatically be put into a new message in your email client- all you have to do is enter the destination email address and subject line and click send. RokEdit is a simple program, but a useful one.

RokEdit is completely free for personal and commercial use and will debuting on CNET's Download.com web site on April 10, 2007. But you can get your advanced copy by clicking here: http://www.rokland.com/programs/rokedit.zip

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