Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rokland LLC Launches Weekly Technology Podcast

802.11b, 802.11g, WiMax, Wifi, Pre-N, Mimo. Sometimes reading about wireless technology can be more painful than trying to install it. With that in mind, Rokland LLC today announced the launch of a new weekly technology podcast, with discussion, reviews, and product comparisons designed to help people better understand the latest in wireless standards and equipment. The podcasts are available on Monday of each week at the Rokland web site or via the RSS feed

"Everyone remembers that old saying that starts out 'you remember ten percent of what you read, twenty percent of what you hear," commented Jason Opdyke, host of the weekly podcast show. "It's actually true- studies have shown that we retain more of what we hear than what we read. At Rokland, we know that people spend most of their work days reading through various sources of information. The goal behind our new weekly podcast is to both help folks better understand technology and also to retain more of the information that is out there."

With the broadcast being in podcast format, people can listen to the program whenever they want, unlike a standard radio broadcast that comes on at a set time. "The broadcast can be heard on demand, any time 24 hours a day" added Opdyke. "Folks can listen to it on a PC or take it with them on their iPod. Broadcast archives will be available on our web site and will eventually be searchable so that visitors can locate a podcast that contains the specific information for which they are looking."

In the inaugural podcast, Opdyke made it a point to ask listeners to email or instant message questions they might have on a given topic. "What we want to do is get people involved and help them on an individual level. So we encourage folks to email us their technology questions so we can read and respond to them on the air, in detail. In fact, we devote a significant portion of each week's show to answering listener questions."

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